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OxyELITE Protein contains a precise blend of premium proteins including Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) which naturally contains a unique protein complex including both whey and casein. The protein combination found in MPI has been shown to have greater satiating ability greater nitrogen retention greater leaning potential and greater lean muscle impact than whey or casein alone. OxyELITE Protein also includes the highest quality (80%) Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) available. Unless your protein label specifically states what % it is you may be consuming the cheap stuff that has higher lactose (milk sugar) and other unwanted byproducts. If you’re using the good stuff why wouldn’t you flaunt it? OxyELITE Protein includes premium WPC 80% and it’s clearly listed on the label-like it should be! The goal of ingesting protein is to flood the bloodstream with various amino acids including the essential amino acids and especially BCAA so that they can make it into skeletal muscle where they’re needed most. When you ingest whey protein alone amino acid levels quickly peak in the blood in about an hour but they quickly plunge thereafter. With casein on the other hand it takes around 7-8 hours for amino acid levels to return to baseline and in the case of BCAA levels they’re still elevated even after 8 hours. Whey protein has its place especially within that first hour of ingestion but you’ll either need to ingest hourly servings of whey or add casein for the longer-term effects. OxyELITE Protein contains a precise mixture of whey and casein proteins to help you avoid catabolic pitfalls. You’re not still buying two separate proteins-whey and casein- for different times of the day are you? If so you’re wasting your money! Get OxyELITE Protein and cover all your bases in one great-tasting shake. OxyELITE Protein Not Only Contains The Best Possible Proteins But It’s Also Upgraded With: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Known to possess anti-lipogenic activity in fat cells. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) – Shown to increase diet-induced thermogenesis.

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