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Use Go Energy pre-workout or before exercise to load up on energy and give you an edge when you need it most.Go Energy is the complex carbohydrate energy fuel for high-energy performance. It is available in a range of great tasting flavours and is ideal when energy requirement is high. Go Energy is made from a very high specification maltodextrin which is over 98% glucose polymers. This means that Go Energy exerts a very low osmotic pressure even at high concentrations. It is therefore very light on the stomach and very easy to drink.Go Energy has become the mainstay of many athletes and sports peoples nutritional strategy it can be used to help load up prior to events and as a recovery drink post event though its main use is during.Ideal for long work outs carbo loading or when you need that extra boost Go Energy is very versatile and can be used at high concentrations to give you the ultimate energy drink. Go Energy should be your choice for a fast and sustained energy boost. Ideal before during and after exercise.High energy Light on stomach Low osmolality Multiple energy sources – Maltodextrin and fructoseTypical IngredientsMaltodextrin (produced by partial hydrolysis of a special variety of maize 98% glucose polymers) Fructose Natural Flavour Aspartame. Original contains only Maltodextrin.Typical Values per 100g serving:Energy 1683kj/371kcal Carbohydrate 99g of which sugars 6g Protein 0g Fat 0g.All Science in Sport products are manufactured in-house and are drug-free.

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