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One Stop Xtreme Is Reflex Nutrition’s Most Hardcore Muscle Building Supplement In Its 15 Year History. Designed To Outperform All Other Muscle Building Formula It Is The Product For People Wanting To Pack On Mass Fast. It Is The Only Product To Contain The Exclusive Quattro Protein Blend With Every Single Batch Lab Tested For Protein Content.55G Of Quattro Time-Release ProteinArguably The Most Sophisticated Protein Blend In Existence That You Won’t Find In Any Other Product. Quattro Is Unique To One Stop Xtreme Exclusively From Reflex Nutrition. It Consists Of Three Different Types Of Whey Protein In Conjunction With Pure Undenatured Micellar Casein. Four Of The Best!Contains Organic & Low Gi Sources Of CarbohydratesThe Primary Carbohydrate Content Of One Stop Xtreme Is Provided By A Unique Complex Of Organic Oats And Barley With Naturally Occurring Vitamins Minerals And Dietary Fibre. Added To This Is The Designer Low Gi Carbohydrate Trehalose; This Provides Your Body With A Very Stable Long Lasting Form Of Carbohydrate That Will Help Prevent Gains In Fat Whilst Also Providing The Increased Energy That Is Needed To Fuel Intense Training Sessions.Contains An Added 3000Mg Of Mtor Anabolic L-LeucineOf All The Essential Amino Acids The Branched-Chain Amino Acid L-Leucine Is The Most Potent. L-Leucine Is Scientifically Proven For Its Ability To Initiate Biological Signalling Via Mtor (Mammalian Target Of Rapamycin) – In Simple Terms It Can Trigger Increased Protein Synthesis When Combined With Whey Hydrolysate And Carbohydrate Taken After Resistance Exercise.Every 145G Serving Provides A Huge 10500Mg Dose Of Bcaa’sBecause One Stop Xtreme Contains Such A Potent Complex Of Whey Peptides And Whey Fractions It Therefore Contains Naturally High Levels Of Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

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