Nutrisport Protein & Carbs Chocolate 5000g

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Nutrisport Protein + Complex Carbohydrates is a great supplement to aid muscle growth and fat loss. A carefully blended ratio of complex carbohdyrates and whey protein it works to increase energy levels aid muscle development and repair while busting fat Great for those wanting to lose fat and gain muscle – Nutrisport Protein + Complex Carbohydrates. Protein + Complex Carbohydrates: Fuel muscle growth and accelerate fat loss with the ideal blended ratio of complex carbohydrates and whey protein. An ideal dynamic supplement that can be adapted for muscle growth and fat burning whatever your sport. Ideal during weight gain cycles as a recovery drink or as a high calorie meal for those with a fast metabolism. Nutrisport protein and complex carbs now has added: Creatine ethyl ester Creatine monohydrate Lysine and much much more for one power packed protein drink Take 2-3 shakes off the Nutrisport all in one a day and forget the endless other supplements on the market today. Nutrisport Protein + Complex Carbs in all you need.

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Product title : Nutrisport Protein & Carbs Chocolate 5000g
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