Maximuscle Maxi-Milk 8 x 330ml Banana

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High protein nutrition shake with the unique Maxipro reg; proteinA great-tasting protein-rich nutrition shake Maximilk is one of the best protein sources for anyone wanting a leaner stronger more athletic body. Designed to work alongside your nutrition and exercise programme Maximilk will make sure the time and effort you invest in the gym pays off. Small in size but big on nutrition it power-packed with the essential fuel your muscles need to recover and grow faster. Just throw Maximilk in your gym bag or glovebox. When it protein time you just shake open and drink.Each serving contains the same amount of protein you rsquo;ll find in a chicken breast as much carbohydrate as a serving of wholemeal rice but with less than one gram of fat. You get all the convenience of a fast food without the excess calories and saturated fat.Maximilk has a higher biological value than many foods including fish beef and soya. This means that more of the protein is actually absorbed retained and used by your body. T

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Product title : Maximuscle Maxi-Milk 8 x 330ml Banana
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