Rooboard Balance Board and Core & Abdominal Trainer

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BALANCE AND CORE TRAININGOriginally designed to make training faster more effective and portable for surfers who work in the city of London the Rooboard has evolved into the ultimate fitness and exercise product for proactive and productive lifestyles.It is suitable for all levels and abilities from those new to balance and core training to professional athletes who make it an essential part of their training regime.Use the Rooboard workouts to perform over one hundred full range of motion exercises to increase your fitness balance stability core strength and muscular symmetry.It creates a measured and targeted instability which forces the core muscles to engage to maintain balance and form. This means you are continually strengthening the core even when performing upper and lower body strength exercises. UNIQUE DESIGN FEATURESSimilar products have a grip surface of hard plastic or sandpaper. The Rooboard has an indented Eva foam grip surface for comfort and shock absorption. This means it can be used from the feet hands forearms and for seated exercises.Many balance and wobble boards will damage flooring or sink into the ground due to the instability point being small and solid. The designers solved this by using two balance pads that sit flat on the ground or internal flooring. The balance pads have a convex top surface that fit into one of three concave indentations on the bottom surface of the deck. It can be used with both pads or a single pad for increased intensity.The Rooboard does away with the unnecessary size of most balance and wobble boards. True balance and muscular symmetry comes from training the limbs and core separately meaning only a small platform is required. This makes the Rooboard truly portable at only 30cm in length. It can be used almost anywhere and is the perfect fitness equipment for travelling.

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