MHP Glutamine-SR Amino Acid – 1000 g

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Glutamine-SR’s micro-feed technology allows for maximum levels of l-glutamine utilization maximizes anabolic/anti-catabolic effects and optimizes muscle growth and recovery. Research on leading brand supplemental l-glutamine powder has shown that the stomach utilizes 70 percent of the amount ingested leaving only 30 percent available for delivery to muscle tissue. The exclusive and patented micro-feed technology used in Glutamine-SR protects the l-glutamine as it is transported through the stomach and increases the amount delivered to muscle tissue. The micro-feed technology also increases bio-availability and utilization of l-glutamine by providing a controlled steady supply for 12 straight hours. Glutamine-SR’s 12 hour sustained release micro-feed technology has raised the standards in glutamine supplementation making Glutamine-SR the most bio-efficient and powerful glutamine supplement in the world.

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Product title : MHP Glutamine-SR Amino Acid – 1000 g
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