Swanson L-Carnitine (500mg 100 Tablets)

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What is L-Carnitine? Carnitine is a water-soluble compound that is similar to a vitamin in its behaviour. Working as part of the bodyMs enzyme complex Carnitine supports the body to turn fat into energy. L-Carnitine is found naturally in red meats and dairy products making this supplement a nutritious compliment for those with a limited intake of these particular foods. L-Carnitine is a highly regarded part of the carnitine complex valued for its potential to support a healthy body and cognitive function.What is L-Carnitine used for? When combined with a healthy diet and a fit body L-Carnitine can be a valuable dietary supplement to maintain all-over health and wellbeing. L-Carnitine is particularly favoured for the support of:Muscle Strength: L-Carnitine promotes the body to use energy efficiently and effectively.Cognitive Function: L-Carnitine may support the brain to maintain good health and function.Cardiovascular Support: Supplementing with L-Carnitine may help to maintain a healthy heart and lungs.

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