SCIENCE IN SPORT Rego Protein Powder 1.2kg

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The fast-build protein formula for athletes. Ideal as a daytime muscle growth complex or as a pre-workout protein boost. Fast proteins (whey isolate whey hydrolysate wheat protein hydrolysate) deliver a big shot of nutrition when your body needs it in a triple fast protein blend with a structured amino acid profile. Taken between meals SiS REGO Protein powder helps increase protein turnover throughout the day and so maximises training gains.Uses: Take prior to resistance workouts use between meals to boost protein synthesis or use with meals to boost protein content.Do not take SiS REGO Protein powder prior to bed time as fast proteins can increase protein catabolism (muscle breakdown) over an 8 hour fast (you can use SiS REGO Night instead) which is designed to slowly drip feed proteins overnight to help avoid muscle breakdown.SiS REGO Protein powder is part of the protein kinetics system which utilizes the absorption characteristics of different proteins in order to maximize training gains.The Protein Kinetics System was developed from studies using the latest research techniques that look beyond nitrogen balance and absolute nitrogen supply to focus on absorption speed and protein turnover. Science in Sport has identified specific protein fragments that have different kinetic profiles and incorporated them into this product.Nutritional information per 40g:Energy 670kj/158kcalProtein 33gCarbohydrate 2.1g- of which sugars 1.1gFat 2.1g- of which saturates 0.5gFibre 0.5gSodium 0.1gVitamin B6 1.9mgCalcium 23mgPhosphorous 35mgMagnesium 46mgPotassium 189mg

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