Premium Protein Pancakes – Lemon Zest – 500g

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and our Premium Protein Pancakes make it easy to have an incredibly delicious high protein one! What Makes Premium Protein Pancakes Special? We’ve founded our Premium Protein Pancakes on the concept of balance – a balance between muscle building protein and healthy low-GI carbs and a balance between fast acting whey and slow digesting casein. Each 50 gram serving of Premium Protein Pancake Mix will give you 2 medium sized delicious pancakes that you can have ready in 5 minutes. What’s in it? – 22g Protein Per Serving – A 50/50 Mix of Fast Acting Whey and Slow Digesting Casein – 19g of low-GI slow burning oats – Easy to make and delicious! Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 50g Nutritional Information Per 50g Serving: Kcal 195 KJ 816 Protein (Dry Basis) 23.20g Protein (As Is) 22.01g Carbohydrates 19.16g of which Sugars 1.69g Fibre 2.20g Fats 2.89g of which Saturates 1.01g Nutritional Information Per 100g: Kcal 390 KJ 1633 Protein (Dry basis) 46.39g Protein (As is) 44.02g Carbohydrates 38.32g of which Sugars 3.37g Fibre 4.40g Fats 5.78g of which Saturates 2.03g

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