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HG 100 ‘Beginner’ – The ‘Beginner’ is perfect for consumers beginning their ‘grip training’ as well as younger athletes female athletes athletes with small hands and warm-ups for stronger athletes. HG 150 ‘Intermediate’ – Consumers that have a fairly strong grip can usually squeeze out a few reps with the HG150 but it can be difficult for females and younger athletes although those athletes can easily work up to the HG150 in a short time with consistent training. Most athletes with consistent HG training will find that the HG150 only provides resistance for 3 to 15 reps for 2 to 6 weeks and they are ready to step up to the HG200 or beyond because the hand responds so well to resistance training with low repetitions. HG 200 ‘Advanced’ -The HG200 is the level that even athletes with a naturally strong grip may have trouble closing. Athletes with advanced grip training will not have too much trouble with the HG200 but those with no grip training experience will most likely find it very difficult to close the HG200 at the beginning of their training. When you are closing the HG200 for reps your performance for any sport using your hands will be greatly enhanced.HG 250 ‘Professional’ – When you are closing the HG250 for reps be very careful when shaking peoples hand! :] Only athletes with hardcore training regimen can close the HG250 so if you can close it your hand strength is well beyond the average athlete.HG 300 ‘The Gripper King’ – Although there are well over 20 000 HG300′s on the market we estimate that there are less than 250 athletes world-wide that can do reps with this hand grip although most male athletes (and there have been a couple of women) with an average-sized hand can build up their hand-strength to close a HG300 for at least one rep if they train regularly with the Heavygrips. HG350 ‘The Grip Monster’ – If you can close the HG350 your hand strength is definitely ‘world-class’.

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