Bio-Synergy Whey Better Strawberry–750g

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Bio-Synergy Whey Better is the cream of the crop in the whey protein world. With over 87% protein per serving it packs a protein punch leagues beyond every other shake. What’s more it’s made with whey protein isolate the most effective and pure form of whey protein in the world. With the highest bio-availability of any protein whey isolate is most easily absorbed by recovering muscles so they’re able to more effectively repair and strenghten enabling you to build a body to be proud of. By getting more of the very best you’re giving your body a powerful advantage in your training or workout efforts. With zero fat or carbs Whey Better also provides a remarkably lean protein boost so you can tailor your nutrition to your specific needs. If strength or dieting is your goal Whey Better is a lean and versatile shake that fits seamessly into your plans so you get more of what you need and less of the fat and carbs that are bogging you down. With no artificial flavours sweeteners or colours Whey Better is also a natural and powerfully effective ally in your efforts to get fit and showcase the best possible body. Our products are used by the very best athletes in the world across every discipline – whatever your goal it’s vital to have protein as a partner in your efforts to acheive your dreams. Choose Whey Better as you protein and you’ll have the world’s highest-quality and purest protein on your side.

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Product title : Bio-Synergy Whey Better Strawberry–750g
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