Over the years, I have tried a variety of fitness dvds and have found that for me to stick with a program, it needs to be engaging. Here are my choices for top 10 fitness dvds. The fitness dvds below represent a range of different types of exercise, but all are very engaging.

Yoga Fitness DVDs by Rodney Yee

Before he was a yoga instructor, Rodney Yee was a ballet dancer. It shows in his artful, fluid approach to yoga fitness dvds. Check out Amazon for a variety of yoga fitness dvds starring Rodney Yee for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All are shot in beautiful locations and capture the revitalizing effects of yoga.

John Friend Yoga Fitness DVDs

John Friend’s deep understanding of Iyengar yoga is imparted in his range of dvds. I like his simple approach which makes yoga, rather than the instructor, the star of the workout.

New York City Ballet Workout

This fitness dvd is enjoyable for anyone who has an appreciation of ballet. The movements and exercise are fairly basic, although it will take practice to get them down pat. I like how this fitness dvd simplifies ballet movements to make them accessible. This fitness dvd brings about a noticeable change in physique, strength and grace. A bonus is the short interviews with dancers at the end that give you a peak into the New York City Ballet.

New York City Ballet Workout Volume 2

This fitness dvd builds on the first volume of New York City Ballet Workout. Movements are more elaborate and tied together in short dance routines. Fitness dvds should be enjoyable, and the dance element of this dvd makes for a fun workout.

Crunch – Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend

If you like the fluidity of yoga and Pilates but also enjoy aerobics, check out this fitness dvd starring Ellen Barrett. It combines Pilates with power yoga. Yet the energetic delivery and tempo reminds me of an aerobics class.

Dance the Chakras Yoga Workout with Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

This fitness dvd adds a twist to yoga by combining it with dance. I like this fitness dvd’s flexibility. It lets you choose the playing order of routines.

Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners starring Brooke Siler

This fitness dvd is simple and easy to follow. It combines a Pilates focus on fluid stretching with a cardio workout. .I like it because it feels graceful and not too jarring, but you still get a good workout.

10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates

I like the time conscious approach of this fitness dvd. It is divided into five 10 minute workout sessions so you can customize your workout. A session only takes 10 minutes, a great motivator. Also see other types of 10 Minute Solution fitness dvds on Amazon.

The Bollywood Dance Workout With Hemalayaa

This fitness DVD is a treat for fans of Bollywood films. I like that it has the color, musicality and joy of Indian dance.

The Samba Reggae Workout

This fitness dvd is a really energizer. It gets extra points for being so much fun that you won’t realize how many calories you are burning!

You can find the fitness dvds above at Amazon.