In theory, staying healthy and in shape could easily be broken down into two simple things: Eat right and move. While many flock to the gym and purchase home gym equipment or try out fad diets, we all seem to have those few friends who look damn good with virtually no effort. For those looking to look better and lose a little with little to no effort, here are some practices even the laziest person can use to get more physically fit:Fitness Tip for the Lazy #1 – Get Up, Stand Up.. & The Standing Desk

People will burn 50 percent more calories standing than while sitting. Rather than stay seated while on a long phone call or in a long meeting, get out of the chair and pace around. For those working in an environment where instant messaging coworkers is the norm, try something new: Walk to visit them, even taking an alternate, longer route to get more movement during the work day.

Stand-up desks offer a more permanent solution to get office workers off their butts and burning calories while performing usual tasks. Standing desks are also shown to improve posture, reduce back pain, create a higher sense of engagement and increase concentration. Ask human resources if they can accommodate a request like this; many companies will.Fitness Tip for the Lazy #2 – The Parking Lot & Unloading Trick

This is an oldie, but it works. Don’t rush to work just to get the best parking spot; instead, park further away and enjoy an extra stroll into¬†the office¬†each morning. (This also works wonders for self-esteem when the coveted employee of the month parking spot goes to someone else.) The same trick can be done while running errands. Instead of driving from storefront to storefront, go to a few different stores and stroll back to the car.

This lazy man’s fitness tip is not limited to lots. For those in more urban, vertical situations, the equivalent is the stairs. Farukh Shroff, who has an office in downtown Wilkes-Barre, wants to start taking the stairs up and down more this year.

“The garage is the third floor, and my office is the 11th floor. Feel the burn! Actually, I only did it three times so far. Then, I got lazy. But next year …” he said.

Living somewhere with stairs, either to your apartment or a multi-story place, can help burn more calories. Heather Davis, 26, of Dunmore, PA shared her lazy fitness tip.

“(Try not) to get everything from downstairs or inside from your car at once. Force yourself to make more than one trip up and down those stairs,” she suggested.Fitness Tip for the Lazy #3 – Mall Walking

Consider taking a lunch break at a local mall or shopping center and burn some calories while browsing. It doesn’t feel like exercise when window shopping. The trick here is to leave the wallet and debit cards in the car. If there is not a mall nearby, but you do live within walking distance to eateries, consider walking to your lunch destination rather than driving.Fitness Tip for the Lazy #4 – Get a Sense of Humor

A study at Vanderbilt University states that people can increase the amount of calories burned per day by 10 to 40 just by laughing more. Go to lunch with your office clown, listen to funny podcasts while you work and, of course, watch funny movies. If all goes according to Vanderbilt, an extra four pounds could be shed each year.Fitness Tip for the Lazy #5 – Do Something Fun at or after Work

Play some Frisbee, a beanbag toss or shoot some hoops with coworkers during lunch or after work. Keep a ball, disc or portable game in your truck or at your desk and get some action going to burn some calories by having fun on a regular basis. You could take this a step further and see if the office will allow a table tennis or fooseball table at the office. Not only does this create movement, but it can also help de-stress.

This article originally appeared in The Weekender.