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AB Trainer The AB Trainer is a exercise device that you can use at home it gives you extra head neck and back support while exercising. This can remove the strain from normal sit-ups while continuing to give the required results. This AB Trainer has been developed to provide best support and comfort during your routine. This has been achieved by covering the whole AB Trainer with foam rubber this gives a stable grip even on smooth surfaces. The AB Trainer exercises the abdominal muscles strengthens the spine and improves the lower back muscles. With correct use you can build muscle and burn fat. Trains the entire abdominal area – upper lateral and lower abdominal muscles. The AB Trainer is fast and easy to dismantle and store. Dimensions: 28 x 29 x 29 inches (71 x 73 x 73cm)Weight: around 7 lbs (3kg) About Ultrasport: We have successfully produced ranges of products for sports and outdoor categories for many years.We distribute these products exclusively through Amazon under the brand name Ultrasport.Discover more exclusive offers great bargains and product highlights – new each month in the Ultrasport product world.

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