PhD Casein Peptide 1.8Kg Strawberry Creme

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Casein Peptide+ is a unique high quality Casein-based protein formula with added Leucine and Glutamine Peptides that provides a great tasting premium protein shake. High in Branched Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamine Casein Peptide+ provides over 3.5g of BCAA’s per 30g single serving and almost 4g of the essential amino acid L-Glutamine. Delivering up to 76g of protein per 100g and 23g per single serving Casein peptide+ is a versatile high protein food supplement to be used throughout the day to boost protein intake and assist with the building of lean muscle. Containing key naturally occurring vitamins and minerals such as Zinc Calcium and Vitamin B2 PhD have also added a high quality peptide bonded version of the amino acid L-Tryptophan an amino acid popular with athletes for many years as a pre-cursor to serotonin. Casein Peptide+ is not just a pre-bedtime high protein food supplement it can be just as effective when used post workout (often in combination with a whey protein based product such as Pharma Whey HT+) or throughout the day to provide a high protein boost to your nutritional plan. Available in the usual great PhD taste and texture Casein Peptide+ mixes easily in a shaker cup and can be added to breakfast cereals smoothies or to high quality snack foods such as natural or Greek yoghurt. High protein for lean muscle building Contains high levels of Micellar Casein Added peptide bonded Leucine & Glutamine Added peptide bonded L-Tryptophan Use before bed or throughout the day

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