MM USA Xtra Plus Serum Cherry 150ml

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Using the body’s own natural chemicals and boosting its own processes MMUSA’s ATP Plus is the most comprehensive repair and recovery treatment you can introduce into your training regime. Just 5ml taken under the tongue before your workout ATP Plus is the most effective way to experience the proven benefits of glucosamine in a convenient and easily absorbed liquid form. The recommended dosage is based on what the body can utilize daily: 500mg – 1500mg. However medical researchers have administered up to 6 grams a day without any adverse side effects. ATP Plus delivers 100mg of glucosamine per serving.The primary ingredient of ATP Plus is Glucosamine naturally produced by your body as a permanent healing agent. Its main function is to repair deteriorated joints and control inflammation and pain. Glucosamine relieves joint pain problems encourages healing of connective tissue lubricates joints and stimulates cartilage production. ATP Plus also contains MSM and Chondroitin Sulphate and by supplementing the body’s natural stores facilitates the manufacture of collagen and proteoglycans. This helps your body naturally restore particular cartilage in injured joints while re-supplying lubricant in the synovial fluid to make joints work smoothly and painlessly. It is also highly effective in the treatment of arthritis.

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