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Gluco Tabs 10Glucose is the primary sugar in the blood and is the sole energy source for the brain kidneys and red blood cells.Dextrose (or dextroglucose/d-glucose) is a glucose which is used by cells for food. If you have diebetes it is always best to check your blood glucose before eating GlucoTabs to confirm that your blood glucose is low and that you need to eat extra carbohydrates. 3 GlucoTabs contain 12g carbs.GlucoTabs do not contain any animal derivatives.Glucotabs are not Kosher.GlucoTabs are free from gluten.GlucoTabs have never been tested on animals. Glucose tablets are taken orally by chewing thoroughly before swallowing. Glucose tablets are taken orally by chewing thoroughly before swallowing.GlucoTabs is a fast-acting dextrose tabletGlucoTabs comes in a tube and each tube contains 10 tablets (each tablet contains 4g of fast-acting carbohydrate)Each 100g of GlucoTabs contains: 1694kJ or 405kcal 0g protein 97g carbohydrate of which 92g is sugar 1g fat of which 1g is saturated 0g fibre and 0g sodiumIngredients of GlucoTabs: dextrose maltodextine carrier (magnesium salts of fatty acids) natural to identical flavour citric acid and vegetable fat

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