EMP 5.25Kg Rich Chocolate Charged Mass

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CHARGED MASS is the UK’s (and Europe for that matter) best value mass gainer. Delivering a huge 40g high quality protein and over 100g carbohydrate per serving CHARGED MASS from EMP is the ultimate shake for anyone looking to put on mass. Used 3 times per day CHARGED MASS will deliver in excess of 2100 calories ensuring size and muscle gains you thought were impossible! CHARGED MASS contains our unique MASS MATRIX which incorporates an impressive 4 protein sources (from Whey Protein Egg White Protein Milk Protein and Soy Isolate) together with key amino acids such as Glycine and Taurine with the further addition of Creatine Monohydrate. Upon consuming CHARGED MASS the MASS MATRIX immediately starts to feed muscle cells with an array of vital amino acids including Glutamine and BCAA and continues to do so over a sustained period of time. The carbohydrate content in CHARGED MASS comes from 3 different sources; Instant Oats Dextrose and Maltodextrin. Medium Chain Triglycerides have also been included to provide much needed healthy fats. Used between meals CHARGED MASS is a convenient way of increasing your calorie intake and meeting your protein needs day in day out.

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Product title : EMP 5.25Kg Rich Chocolate Charged Mass
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