BULK POWDERS 1Kg Vanilla Pure Whey Protein

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WHAT IS PURE WHEY PROTEIN? Pure Whey Protein is exclusively available from BULK POWDERS and at the lowest price point for any comparable Whey Protein Concentrate in Europe! It is a premium quality protein powder that contains a massive 82% whey protein (based on unflavoured) and additionally has been instantised for easy mixing. With an excellent amino acid profile including high levels of glutamine and branched chain amino acids Pure Whey Protein is ideal for anyone looking to build muscle and improve recovery. In addition Pure Whey Protein is low in carbohydrates fat lactose and cholesterol making it a healthy choice for delivery of high quality protein. At BULK POWDERS we’re proud of the fact that since our launch in 2005 we’ve used the very same whey protein supplier – a Western European dairy – recognised throughout the sports nutrition industry as providing the highest quality whey protein available. This consistent supply chain enables us to guarantee a premium quality product whilst many of our competitors have to resort to using multiple suppliers with varying degrees of quality. BULK POWDERS Pure Whey Protein is now one of Europe’s most popular protein powders and there’s very good reasons for this! Not only is our quality unrivalled by other companies but our pricing is unbeatable too – you simply will not find Whey Protein cheaper anywhere else! In addition the feedback on taste that our flavoured whey protein receives is second to none. THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS BULK POWDERS Pure Whey Protein is manufactured from sweet cheese whey using advanced cross-flow membrane filtration. It is then agglomerated and instantised using a small amount of soy lecithin to ensure instant mixability. The above processes are carried out at low temperatures so that the resulting whey protein remains entirely undenatured; which is extremely important when choosing a whey protein. Undenatured whey protein preserves vital protein fractions such as lactoferrin and immunoglobulins resulting in a whey protein with the highest possible nutritional value.

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