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‘Pure Creatine suspended in potent serum for extreme muscle growth ”The Pinnacle of Creatine Development Aqua MassTM is a next generation supplement developed by THE experts in creatine supplementation with an unrivalled attention to detail. Due to Aqua Mass’TM unique patent pending formulation its results are years ahead of traditional Creatine formulas. No bloating or non-responding; just real solid muscle support.Pharmaceutical StandardDo not confuse this with your normal mass produced supplements; this is a pharmaceutical standard creatine compound suspended in a revolutionary serum for unparalleled effectiveness.Delivering the ultimate muscle mass Aqua MassTM contains a powerful comprehensive and advanced matrix of muscle mass building ingredients specifically developed for ultimate muscle mass building.With added Ecdysterone & FenugreekAqua MassTM contains not only a highly advanced formula of Creatines but also Ecdysterone and Fenugreek; two very potent muscle boosting compounds.Aqua MassTM is a superbly effective all-in-one muscle booster delivering more results for your money that your normal one dimensional creatine supplements. Revolutionary Serum-Delivery-System (SDSTM)Pills and powder suffer loss of potency when absorbed in the stomach due enzymes and digestive acids. Instead Aqua MassTM is absorbed ‘sublingually’ where it is absorbed in the mouth for best results.Don’t settle for anything lessAqua MassTM is the pinnacle of Creatine Supplementation. Extreme results are Guaranteed!Special Price 19.99!RRP 40BUY NOW!

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