USN Electro Actifizz – Pack of 12

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A sugar free sports drink that comes in the form of easy to mix effervescent tablets. Electrolyte acti-fizz from USN has been designed specifically for those taking part in prolonged sporting events such as triathlons and team games. Acti-fizz has been tailored to help athletes replace the nutrients lost during exercise so they can perform better for longer. It can help fight fatigue and fuel your performance. Containing magnesium and vitamin B6 your normal muscle function will be supported as will protein metabolism aiding your recovery.USN’s brand came to Europe in 2007 and operates in 17 European countries with three satellite offices. USN Research and Development Team has designed a range of products to meet the demands of any fitness enthusiast.

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Product title : USN Electro Actifizz – Pack of 12
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