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Oxy-Black’s unique combination of 4 potent ingredients is the last legal pro hormone on the market that can convert into testosterone fast. This gives you the quality of hard muscle and strength increase. Oxy-black is a combination of four pro hormonal compounds that will increase your mass strength and appetite. This is no ordinary pro hormone this will take your phisique to a whole new level Increase Cellula Tissue No estrogen Conversion or Bloating Highest Anabolic Ratio Available Increased Mass Strength and appetite StimulationSupplements FactsServing Size: 2 capsServings: 301 Capsule per serving 2a17a-dimethyl-4 androstadene-3-one 17b-O1 15mg Androsta-35 dene 717-done 30mg 3beta-hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One 50mg 19nor-androsten-3b-oI 17-one 25mgRecommended UseTake 2 caps per day. First in the morning with breakfast and 2nd 30 mins prior to training. No more than 2 per day Max. Increase your intake of water and protein for the duration of taking Oxy-Black. Use a suitable Post Cycle Therapy.

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