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NO2 MAX – Another product from NRGfuel has exploded onto the market. The NRGfuel NO2 has been given a monster make over and we’re now proud to unveal the awesome mind blowing blood pumping muscle bursting fuel that is the NO2 MAX! It packs more caffeine 4 times the amount of folic acid and double the amount of the 3 main ingredients for blood gauging workouts (Citrulline Malate Beta-allanine and L-Tyrosine) than the regular NO2.- Citrulline Malate has been hailed the new creatine and has created alot of hype in the sports nutrition world so far! It certainly lives up to its early high expectations bosting huge increases in nitric oxide production which in turn increases blood flow oxygen delivery glucose uptake muscle fire power and what we all aim for – MUSCLE GROWTH. It also reduces lactic acid build up meaning you stay stronger for longer!- Beta Alanine has similar benefits to citrulline malate in that it increases muscular strength and power increases anaerobic and aerobic activity and delays muscular fatigue meaning you can train harder for longer!- L-Tyrosine has mood elevating properties which will stimulate your body and mind giving you the focus and drive to have the best session ever. Increased alertness and reaction times are a key benefit of this amino acid.Make sure you get your NO2 MAX today and supercharge your workout potential with massive gains in strength stamina blood flow and muscle bursting pumps!

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