Good Hemp Protein Powder Natural 2.5kg

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GOOD Hemp Protein Powder is a complete balanced and natural plant-based protein powder made from Natural Hemp Seed. This protein powder offer complete protein – containing all 20 amino acids including all the essential amino acids (the EAAs) high dietary fibre and essential fatty acids (the EFAs or Omegas). Providing a great tasting comprehensive nutritional meal combined with a regular exercise regime it is the most balanced way to achieve your health & fitness goals – naturally. RICH IN PROTEIN GOOD Hemp Protein contains 47% Protein. Protein is necessary in our diets to build and repair muscle to support muscle tone and to reduce food cravings. RICH IN OMEGA 3 (Essential Fatty Acid – EFA) One serving of GOOD Hemp Protein gives 35% of our recommended intake of Omega 3 (2g per day). RICH IN DIETARY FIBRE GOOD Hemp Protein is a source of dietary fibre required for healthy digestion. Fibre also helps you feel fuller for longer. GOOD PROTEIN DIGESTION and METABOLISM – No Bloating GOOD Hemp Protein is easy to digest. It does not cause bloating. The Hemp protein in GOOD Hemp Protein contains 65% Edestin a globular protein which is ideal for the body to metabolise. This is the highest amongst all plant proteins. One of the most sustainable crops on the Planet With over 10 years experience in the UK producing the finest quality hemp Braham & Murray specialise in hemp ingredients developed for human nutrition. GOOD Hemp is highly beneficial to the environment. Which means its good for us and great for the Planet.

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