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WHAT IS INSTANT BCAA? Instant BCAA from BULK POWDERS is an easy to mix BCAA powder; providing an optimal 2:1:1 ratio of lecuine iso-leucine and valine. BCAA is an abbreviation of branched chain amino acids. As part of our Pure Series range you can be assured that these BCAA are of the highest quality available but at the lowest price. What’s more our flavoured varieties taste absolutely delicious – we truly believe you won’t find a better tasting flavoured BCAA product anywhere! The term ‘instant’ relates to the fact that this BCAA powder has been instantised to assist with ease of mixing. BCAA powder in general is notoriously difficult to mix which is why BULK POWDERS has developed an instantised option that is easy to mix and therefore easier to consume. This is of particular benefit if you’re taking BCAA during your workout – the last thing you want is a lumpy powder to consume in between sets of squats! If you are not fussed whether your BCAA are instantised or not then we still offer our regular (non-instantised) BCAA Powder at a slightly lower cost! Alternatively we also offer BCAA Tablets! Behind Whey Protein and Creatine Supplements BCAA is on track to become the third most widely used performance nutrition product. Its popularity has swelled due to recent research which shows that it increases in protein synthesis as well as anti-catabolic properties. BCAA supplementation has become increasingly popular particularly when timed around training. Recent research suggests that leucine in-particular is responsible for increasing protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown. WHERE ARE BCAA FOUND? The branched chain amino acids leucine iso-leucine and valine are essential amino acids that occur naturally in the diet. Examples include red meat and dairy. Instant BCAA is formulated specifically with mixability and taste in mind. ALSO REFERRED TO AS: Branched chain amino Acids; ieucine iso-leucine & Valine iBCAA i BCAA BCAAS. One of the main benefits that those who supplement with BCAA comment on is a faster recovery time between training sessions mainly due to a reduction in muscle soreness. If you take Instant BCAA pre and/or intra-workout you shouldn’t expect performance improvements in that session – however if you train frequently you will notice the benefits in subsequent sessions (assuming consistent supplementation). Benefits include but are not limited to: Increased protein synthesis via stimulation of the mTOR pathway. Reduced muscle breakdown shown by a reduction in Creatine Kinase and Myoglobin levels during intense resistance training Reduced muscle soreness most likely due to reduced muscle damage While BCAA are used in a convalescing population Instant BCAA is primarily a sports performance product.

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