Biotivia Bio Span Capsules Pack of 60

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BioSpan+ has four powerful herbal ingredients in every capsule. 1 – Trans-Resveratrol 75% 100mg. Bio-enhanced natural Resveratrol activates the SirT longevity genes. 2 – Silymarin 100mg. A second SirT gene activator that complements Trans-Resveratrol. Extracted from blessed milk thistle. 3 – Astralagus 150mg. Bio Span+ contains the two essential Astragalosides of this compound including the rare Astragaloside IV molecule. 4 – Curcumin 150mg. A uniquely effective polyphenol that acts as a free radical scavenger. Standardized to minimum 96% active curcumins. A unique anti-aging formula Bio Span is the only scientifically formulated resveratrol-based supplement which provides a truly synergist blend of longevity compounds in one capsule. Bio Span+ contains SirT-1 activators telomerase precursors and neurotropic agents. The combined effect of BioSpan translates into slower physical cellular and mental aging. It also translates into a higher level of energy lower inflammation and improved general health as well as a reduced risk potential for contracting the usual serious medical conditions associated with the aging process. As with all Biotivia products there are no fillers additives silica or other non-functional additives. The capsules are protected from oxidation by our patented oxygen scavenging packaging technology thus ensuring the product reaches you in perfect condition. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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