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5 Minutes ShaperStrive still the old-fashioned way to get rid of your love handles? Sit-ups are a heavy burden for the neck and back. Stop the annoying little exercises that provide slow results!The five minutes Shaper turns your limp body to a solid well-toned package everything in the body forms a complete unit and in just a few weeks! It combines cardio with body toning. This means that your body burns fat fast and you get your figure back.A beautiful shape with only 5 minutes a dayTrain your abdominal muscles strengthen your upper arms and conjure up a sexy buttocks and slim legs. All this because all muscle groups are trained at the same time.The 5-minute Shaper uses the combination of the yoga plank pose and sit-ups.Just place your knees on the pillow stick to the comfortable handles firmly lift the lower body and make a bow then relax again. Make a full crunch exercise to effectively burn many calories so that an effective weight loss is achieved.With this simple exercise you train your whole body back and abdominal muscles your buttocks legs and arms. And the best part is that the 5-Minutes-Shaper is suitable for all fitness levels whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. You can choose different angles of four different levels.1 = beginners2 = Moderately3 = Advanced4 = Intensive (for trained athletes)5 = User weight (about 100 kg)

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