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It’s New – the first thing to say is that it’s new to the Hand Therapy market and is a fantastic piece of equipment for developing strength back in the fingers hand wrist and elbow. Formats – It currently comes in two separate units each with two different resistance discs and a gel ball: Extra Light – Light (for weaker hands and early rehab) Medium – Heavy (for late stage rehab and sports strengthening) When purchasing the 66fit Hand Trainer Kit you will receive the following depending on the strength that you select: Extra Light – Light Strength: 1 x Extra Light Resistance Finger Ring 1 x Light Resistance 1 x Soft Hand Therapy BallMedium – Heavy Strength: 1 x Medium Resistance Finger Ring 1 x Heavy Resistance Finger Ring 1 x Medium Hand Therapy BallThe finger rings can be used on their own or in conjunction with the hand therapy ball The hand therapy ball can also be used independently. Functions – the product has been trialled by Physiotherapists in both the US and the UK and the feedback has been that it is: Good for strengthening digit and forearm extensorsGood for intrinsic hand strengthening exercisesGood to use on patient’s with lateral epicondylosis (tennis elbow) or golfers elbowGood to use for patients with repetitive strain injury Good for muscle re-education of the thumb and restoring dynamic thumb stabilizationThe disc fits more securely around your fingers then a regular rubber band. It provides resistance when opening the hand and this is countered by the gel ball when closing it. But there is a whole host of hand wrist and finger exercises that the disc and ball can provide both individually and in tandem with one another.

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